The King is dead; long live the King

 . . . or rather, municipal bonds are dead; long live municipal bonds.

As usual, I’m a day late and five dollars (inflation) short on this subject.

Meredith Whitney made a splash late in the last decade saying Citigroup was going down the tubes.  Not having made any market-shaking calls since that call when she was employed at Oppenheimer–she left there to start up her own shop–and needing some new clients, she recently showed up in a 60 Minutes interview predicting there would be between 50 and 100 “significant” muni bond defaults in 2011, totalling “hundreds of billions” of dollars.  [Plagiarism police please note:  I lifted everything from “between” to “dollars” verbatim from the Bloomberg synopsis below the video at bottom.  She was not pressed to substantiate those claims and, thus, fear was mongered.  You can watch that video by clicking on the image below, but only if you promise to watch the one below it.

A number of folks have taken umbrage at her claims.  Their umbrage is pretty well summed up in the Bloomberg interview below.  In short, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  In long, unfunded pensions have been an issue for several years.



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  1. Don Kincaid says:

    Good rational reply to 60 Minutes piece. Thanks for sharing.

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