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Interview – Steve Lehman, Dana Meissner from Federated

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Last Wednesday, May 28, I interviewed Steve Lehman and Dana Meissner, who are the co-managers of Federated’s Market Opportunities fund

Here’s a description of the fund from the product information page that can be found here.

The fund seeks to provide absolute (positive) returns with a low correlation to the U.S. equity market by investing globally in a wide variety of asset classes. It may also sell securities short and can have an overall net long or short position relative to particular asset classes. The fund pursues its investment objective using a contrarian value orientation.

They generally have a dim view of equity markets, but they were appropriately bullish early in 2009.  You might want to put away any sharp objects before reading on.



Interview – Jason Trennert, Strategas Research Partners

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

This past Friday I spent some time on the phone interviewing Jason Trennert, the Chief Investment Officer at one of our investment strategy services, Strategas Research Partners. I had about ten questions to throw at Jason, the same questions I’ll pose to some other investment heavies.  I think you’ll enjoy reading this, as Jason takes a unique look at the various markets, drawing on history, economics, and finance to form strategies and opinions.  I believe that, like me, you’ll find that Jason’s views form a narrative of sorts that’s internally consistent and persuasive.

I’ve pasted in a little bit about the firm from its website, and below that is the interview. You can find the firm’s website here.

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