Addition: Weekly Recap & Outlook – 06.15.12

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I forgot to include this Friday…

This is a great cover story. Remember, cover stories can be useful as contrary indicators. Companies that show up on covers as company of the year tend to see their stocks perform pretty poorly afterward. The Death of Equities almost rang the bell near thebeginning of the ’80s bull market.

The thought process behind the cover-story-as-contrary-indicator is that once the publication’s editor approves the issue for a cover story, the story has pretty much run its course. Think about it: is it news to you that the European economy’s in trouble? This cover story would have been helpful were it published one or two years ago.

Finally, I heard this quote today regarding the Greek elections:

“Greece survives to fail another day.”

Graig Stettner, CFA, CMT
Chief Investment Officer
Tower Private Advisors


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