Especially-timely Dividend Aristocrats

Some of the stocks listed in the Got dividends? post might work especially well in the short term if we see a geopolitics-related spike in oil prices and a flight to the safety of the dollar (see Iran Shenanigans for a further discussion).  I took at a look at the historical sensitivity of these stocks to crude oil prices and the dollar. 

Most sensitive to rising crude oil prices (i.e. these have gone up when crude oil has gone up in the past):

  1. Questar Corporation
  2. Energen Corporation
  3. Eaton Vance
  4. T. Rowe Price Group
  5. National Fuel Gas

Perhaps surprisingly, Chevron is number seven on the list, and ExxonMobil is slightly inversely correlated to crude oil

Most sensitive to a rising dollar:

  1. Family Dollar Stores (does worst when oil is rising, though)
  2. Consolidated Edison
  3. Associated Banc Corporation
  4. Piedmont Natural Gas
  5. WGL Holdings

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