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The Importance of Dividends

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Yeah, this is pure coincidence, but I think it proves the point that dividends are important in any market.  Here’s a look at ONEOK (“one oak”) Partners, an energy Limited Partnership.  Since it’s an LP it can foul up your tax reporting as the K-1 from the company will delay your 1040 filing.  These securities are best held in an IRA.

As an aside, there were a couple of important insider buys recently.  The CFO bought $150,000 worth of the stock, while the CEO bought $144,000.  Our insider service, InsiderScore, summed those purchases up as, “top execs make first purchases in nearly a year.”

Here’s a brief description of the company.

Now, here’s the coincidental stuff, which I’ve highlighted.  Notice that the dividend yield–on an annual basis, admittedly–leaves you whole.