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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

The last time the folks from Williams Inference Service (click here for more information) were in they featured a folder titled, “Purple:  Magical Thinking.”  That file reminded us that they had considered the Kubler-Ross model of the five stages of grief a fitting analog for what our culture had been and was going through, with respect to the financial crisis.  They suggested the move was on to acceptance, the last stage (model cycle:  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance).

At that time they had also noted the rise of the color purple, and they said, “purple is associated with magical thinking. It’s similar to a teenager’s world where the hard realities of adult life have not set in.”  Here is how they see purple:

Where are we today?

Despite grim economic news throughout the year [this was Q4 2010 material], the stock market is up, corporations are sitting on huge hoards of cash, mortgage foreclosures stalled in the courts, and the consumer is beginning to loosen the purse strings.

It is our belief that all this is magical thinking.  Our local governments are mired in debt, wages are stalled, unemployment remains high, and public officials have yet to come to grips with reality.  The consumer as well as government have not reached acceptance.

So, when I received the latest of issue of Fort Wayne Living; A Lifestyle Magazine from the publisher of Business People Magazine (click here for more information) I couldn’t help but be struck by the cover.

Now, the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Edition last week said orange is the latest color, leaving Fort Wayne, again behind the curve–or the coasts–as usual, but that’s another subject.