Can Apple be stopped?

I’m of the opinion that Microsoft long ago stopped innovating, resorting, instead, to copying and trying to improve–often succeeding–what others produce.  On the other hand, Apple never seems to stop innovating.  And here’s the latest example.

To be fair, while it was once reasonable to compare Apple to Microsoft–they each produced an operating system that competed against the other.  Of course, from the beginning Apple produced computer hardware, and if Microsoft did, I can’t remember it.  Still, the competition seemed to be MS-DOS/Windows against Macintosh–and market share between the two is still measured.  Indeed, while Apple’s tech toys–more below–steal the show, the sleeper at Apple is likely the market-share creep that iMac (Apple’s desktop machine) is having in the desktop world.

Here, though, is what looks like an incredible, must-have machine, the much-rumored Apple Tablet.

apple-tabletNote that it’s not really a keyboard, just a representation of a keyboard on a tablet.  If you think that’s sweet, check out the version below, posted on the Gizmodo blog.













Here’s a link to that blog posting, in which it is suggested that Apple is getting ready to use the Tablet to “redefine newspapers, textbooks and magazines.”  Where do I sign up?


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