Emerging Markets as an Asset Class

To ignore emerging markets as an asset class, an area to invest, is to avoid the fastest growing economies in the world.  From the much-ballyhooed BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) to Thailand and Vietnam, these much younger economies–both in the state of their economies, as well as the equally important demographics of their nations, nothwithstanding China*–should be considered for a part of your portfolio.  In our asset-allocation models, the Global Portfolios, we have a 10% allocation to Emerging Markets.

Marc Faber speaks with an accent (always cool), has a ponytail (uh, the ’90s are over, but he’s probably a renaissance man and it’s okay), wears a vest with his suit, and probably wears Prada loafers.  He does, however, sport buttondown collars, which strikes me as a little too casual–a spread collar would be a better choice.  He also publishes the Gloom Boom & Doom Report, which is the real reason for including the clip, below.  In it, Mike Santoli, of Barron’s, interviews him at Barron’s Successful Investing Conference.  In it, Marc presents the case for emerging market stocks.


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