Financial Times: 2010 to be challenging

The Financial Times is one of the world’s best business newspapers, and I’ve read at least three of them, so I’m sort of like Al Gore and the internet, only I didn’t invent business newspapers.  It’s also printed on pink paper.  Most importantly, it features some great analysis, and its website is top notch (click here if, like me, you don’t know where “top notch” comes from.) 

Clicking the video below will take you to the Financial Times’ website.  It’s a three-part (~5 minutes each) interview with Daniel Arbess, manager of the Xerion Hedge Fund.  He says that 2009 was easy–everything went up.  He expects 2010 to be much tougher, and he shares our thinking that while the consumer may be deleveraging, the Federal government is picking up the slack.  It isn’t like you to need to put away sharp objects, but it’s not the happiest thing you’ll read.arbess


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