Investment Cross Currents

Among the research and strategy services we utilize is one from Joe Granville.  Joe’s one of the old guys of investments.  He was born in 1923.  He’s not afraid to embrace [1980s] technology, though, as his daily fax comes without fail.  Why we pay $800 a year for a service that the Hulbert Financial Digest says is “very poor,” according to Wikipedia, might be questionable, but he’d been right for all of 2009.

Anyway, here’s what he’s saying now: 

Conclusion:  My big picture numbers cast a bright glow over the balance of the year and stretching well into 2010.  The daily numbers are very bullish.

Do with that what you will.  This, of course, is not a recommendation, just an example of the cross currents we find as we read some smart folks.


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