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Ever since Al Gore invented the internet, the belief that everything on it should be free has persisted.  Of course, as you know from reading this blog, free isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Still, there are some free gems, and as far as investment websites go, FinViz (Financial Visualizations) is one of the better freebies.  Here’s a sampling of what you can do with it.

First, there’s the traditional heat map of security prices.  One gets to it by clicking on “Maps” as shown immediately below.

Various indexes can be illustrated.  In this case it’s the S & P 500.

There’s a temperature scale at the bottom.  Basically, the brighter the red the bigger the loss; the brighter the green the bigger the gain.  Note, too, that the relative sizes are representative of the companies relative sizes.  So, in the chart above, it’s easy to see that ExxonMobil is the largest of the integrated oil companies.

There is also a 3D version of the heat map, which adds relative height to the mix.  In addition, hovering over one of the securities pops up a quick 3-month candlestick chart of the stock.  In this case, Sprint Wireless stands out as a good performer while Vodafone (VOD) stands out as a poor performer. 

Bubbles is a new version of the heat map, and it stands perched on the edge of over-doing it.  Again, the companies are shown in relative size, and the closer to the “front”–in 3-dimensional space, the better or worse the performance.  As with the 3-D chart, hovering over a ticker pops up a 3-month chart.  Various controls allow the chart to be zoomed in and out.

There are other ways of visualizing data, but if you stop there you’re missing out on FinViz’s most powerful feature, in my opinion.

That’s the screener, and it’s found as shown below.

When you initially open it there are no criteria selected and 332 pages of 20 securities each are available, but as you start to select criteria the list gets narrowed down.  Here are all of the criteria available.

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Next, here’s a look at further scrutinizing the results of a screen.

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Finally, if you really get into FinViz–especially the screening part–you can Google it and find out how others are using FinViz.  Here’s a screen shot from one PIMP MY TRADE website.

Oh, and a word about websites linked to from this blog–and Mom, this applies to you, if there’s a naughty word used, sorry.  Kids, if you happen to see a bad word when reading Daddy’s blog, it wasn’t my fault.  Every effort has been made to make this a family-friendly blog, but the very fact that it occasionally references Congress makes that an impossibility.


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