Stupid Headline

See anything wrong with this one?

“U.S. Stocks Advance on Optimism Over Economy; Oil Falls; Treasuries Climb”

It got top billing on Bloomberg’s Top Stories today.

First, a definition:


 /ɪˈneɪn/ Show Spelled[ih-neyn] Show IPA

–adjective 1. lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly: inane questions. 2. empty; void.

–noun 3. something that is empty or void, esp. the void of infinite space. 

The first part makes sense.  If the economy grows then earnings should rise, and with no change in valuations, stock prices will rise.  The last half, however, doesn’t, given the first.  A growing economy will create increased demand for crude oil.  It will also increase the pressure for interest rates to rise and prices to fall.

We still want neat, pert answers for why things happen.  There aren’t such things, but at least the headlines and stories they come up with could be internally consistent.


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