What Stimulus?

So we were talking about when certain stimulus money would be spent and when our fabulous stimulus-related investment ideas would make us and our clients obscenely wealthy.  Naturally, I turned to the internet to find out more and came across this excellent graphic.

You can click to enlarge it or click here to go to the original website and create a favorite/bookmark.

Not that you need help understanding the beautiful graphics, but here are a few key takeaways.

  • The biggest chunk of the stimulus package gets spent in 2010.
  • Some of it isn’t slated to be spent until after the next Presidential election.
  • Most of the 2009 expenditures are intended to buy votes targeted toward the unemployed and folks on Medicaid.
  • While we hear about our country’s great need to keep incumbents in office for infrastructure, it’s small in relation to the entire package.  Notice that only 1/3 of the $62.3 billion going toward highway construction is expected to be spent by the end of 2010.



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