Weekly Recap & Outlook – 04.26.13

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Capital Markets Recap


It was a risk-on week. The Fear Index (OEX Volatility Index) feel by 9%+, Europe rebounded sharply, while Crude Oil and Gold also rose. Yes, gold tends to be a risk-on asset most of the time, although it can be a safe haven asset at other times. Oddly, though, Treasuries rose (yields fell), which is out of keeping with the risk-on theme of the week.

Next Week

I won’t be here, but I have an offer for you. Next Thursday and Friday, I’ll be at John Mauldin’s Strategic Investment Conference in Carlsbad, CA; I’ll be taking one for the team. It features what must be the best line-up of speakers yet…Nouriel Roubini, Mohammed El-Arian (PIMCO), Gary Shilling, Kyle Bass, etc. There won’t be any blog post next week, but if you follow me on Twitter (@ObviousInsights)–I can’t believe I’m going to say this–I’ll be tweeting from the conference.

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