Weekly Recap & Outlook – 12.28.12

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 Man, this is wierd. This has to be the most widely publicized deadline since Y2K. Google search volume on the phrase is at peak levels…

…the same Statesmen who presided over the 2011 debt ceiling are largely the same players this time round, and polarization in Congress has never been higher…

Shamelessly lifted from Zero Hedge blog post. Click image to go to the complete post.

 …and while I thought we were on the eve of destruction, Barry McGuire’s chorus seems to be in play.

And you tell me
Over and over and over again, my friend
Ah, you don’t believe
We’re on the eve
of destruction.
 Sure, we fell sharply today–and the worst came after the President and the Wise Men were meeting at the White House–but the damage seems pretty mild. Apparently, the President didn’t have anything new to offer.
In fact, the market’s reaction–measured by the S&P 500, at least–is almost EXACTLY what one might expect from revisiting 2011. Here is a back-to-the-future look at the Debt Ceiling debacle with the Fiscal Cliff action overlaid on it. In it, July 31, 2011, is matched up with January 2, 2013. It shows stocks in the top panel; 10-year Treasury in the middle; and Gold in the bottom panel.
Stocks and bonds are more and less, respectively, following the 2011 script–stocks almost precisely. By that script, the decline in stocks is set to accelerate after January 1, which is about when gold began its decisive rise. This shouldn’t be relied upon, entirely, as a roadmap for stocks–history rhymes; it doesn’t repeat, but it suggests one might get better buying opportunities in the next couple of weeks. Oh, and by the way, any fiscal cliff “resolution” rallies will just amount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Our debt and spending trajectories are unsustainable.

Click for a bigger version….go ahead, really.


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  1. Larry Dent says:

    Lord Montague (or some one like that) said, “ANYTHING THAT IS UNSUSTAINABLE WILL STOP’, (or something like that). Everyone (except those in Washington) knows our present spending is unsustainable, but somehow it does NOT stop. We turn a few of the bastards out of office but they are replaced by more idiots that simply do not seem to get the message.


    Maybe we just need to go on over the “cliff”??? Larry Dent

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